Pretty pastel baubles

These pastel-hued decorations will look beautiful in any home, but if pastels aren't your colour scheme, why not try out the technique with different colours to match in with your choice of festive décor.

1. Remove the hanging element from a Create Christmas Create Your Own Premium Glass Bauble and put to one side. 

2. Taking Artiste Acrylic Paints in sage, princess pink and blush, pour a little paint inside each bauble and turn the bauble until the paint has covered the entire inside surface. 

3. Leave the baubles upside down on a scrap piece of paper to dry and allow for any excess paint to come out. If you want a more vibrant effect, repeat this step again.

4. Once the baubles have dried, use the Posca Gold Marker Pen to decorate the baubles with your chosen patterns. 

5. When the gold pen has dried, re-attach your hanging element and tie ribbons to the baubles ready for hanging. 

Project and how-to instructions by Hannah Haughy.

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