Penguin card

This Christmas, make the most of your die collection and craft a colony of penguins in cosy headwear. Capsule Elements Pigment provides the perfect chilly aesthetic, which combines with Modern Lustre vellum and papers like a dream! Add a little fun with Craft Planet and you’re set with a super-simple and oh-so-sweet greeting.

1. Cut a card blank down to 21 x 12cm and select two blue ombreĢ sheets of Capsule Elements Pigment 6 x 6" paper. Trim the white edge of one down a little and mat to the card blank with double-sided tape, so the blue edges are positioned on the left and right of the card blank. Cut a piece of Modern Lustre patterned vellum to resemble an iceberg, snipping along the geometric foiled lines of the design. Attach small strips of double-sided tape around the edge and adhere to the card front.

2. Die cut five penguins from black cardstock and another five from white, using the Xcut Penguin Mini Die. Make sure to keep hold of all the die-cut parts. Fix a strip of double-sided tape to the back of each black die-cut (flipping one penguin to face the other direction), so the adhesive shows through the gaps on their necks and bellies. Fix to white cardstock and carefully slot the white negatives in place, attaching them securely to the tape. Trim around the shapes and stick to the card front in a line, using 3D foam squares.

3. Freehand, cut five curved triangle shapes from a multicoloured Elements Pigment  paper, to resemble the body of a bobble hat. You may need to hold these up to the penguin die-cuts once or twice to ensure the sizing is right. Fix a foam square on the back of each and position on top of each penguin’s head. Add a dab of tacky glue to the backs of five Craft Planet mini pompoms and position on the tops of the hats. Put the card aside to dry for a short while before continuing.

4. Trim a 10 x 0.5cm strip of diagonal- striped Modern Lustre paper, using a craft knife and a metal ruler, and slot the end behind the vellum iceberg. Stick in place with glue or double-sided tape. Stamp ‘Let it snow!’ onto a sheet of white cardstock, using the Create Christmas contemporary sentiments stamps, and neatly cut around it to make a pointed banner. Adhere over the striped pole to make a sign, using 3D foam pads.

5. To finish the card, palm punch a handful of snowflakes from silver foiled papers, using a snow crystal palm punch. Scatter around the card front and secure with a Sailor 2 In 1 Glue Pen.

Project and how-to instructions by Lorna Slessor.

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