Papercut unicorn drawing

This one's up to you and your imagination! Place this trendy creature on top of a world that is entirely yours. Why not try with your other favourite animals too? You could even put two papercut animals over one drawing.

1. Using the HB pencil from the Faber-Castell Graphite Sketch Set, draw the outline of a unicorn. This one is the size of a sheet of A4 but you could scale it up or down. Our unicorn is mid-gallop, play around with its stance until you find one you are happy with.

2. Cut out the inside of the unicorn with either a pair of scissors or a craft knife, follow the edge of the unicorn’s silhouette, paying close attention to the tricky, intricate areas, such as the legs, mane and tail.

3. Work out how much surface area your drawing has to cover. It is completely down to you to imagine the magical world your unicorn lives in. Draw the outlines onto an A4 sheet of paper with the 2B pencil from the sketch set, it is soft, allowing you to press hard without scratching into the paper too much. The 4B pencil is ideal for elements such as fields and the sky as it is still soft but not too dark. For the mountains, trees, and unicorns which are the darkest parts of 1 the drawing, the 6B is perfect as it creates strong lines, depth and shadows. If you are left with any unwanted smudges, simply remove with the plastic eraser.

4. Once happy with your drawing fix the silhouette of the unicorn over the top with Stick it! 3D Foam Pads.

Project and how-to instructions by Izzi da Silva.

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