Paper rocket

Make something totally out of this world and get carried up, up and away with this amazing craft rocket. Great as a decoration in a space-lovers bedroom or for a space-themed party! 

1. Using the rocket outline templates, draw the body of the rocket onto white Craft Planet A4 Cardstock, the top onto red cardstock and the wings onto blue cardstock and cut out. Then fold along all the guides on your sections and adhere each piece together with Craft Planet PVA Glue to create the 3D sections.  

2. Die cut a white cardstock circle 6cm in diameter and a 4cm circle in black cardstock using the Xcut Circle Nesting Dies. Cover the white circle in PVA Glue and sprinkle with Papermania Fine Silver Glitter until fully covered and allow to dry. Once dry affix the black circle in the centre and attach to your rocket body. 

3. Cut a 1cm thick strip of red cardstock and adhere around the border of the top of the rocket. Cut two similar strips in blue cardstock and attach to the bottom half of your rocket. 

4. From the Craft Planet Craft Tub, take the red and orange string paper and fix into the inside of the bottom of the rocket to resemble flames.

Project and how-to instructions by Hannah Haughy.

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