Paper quilled bee

Quilling is a striking and effective way to make detailed art projects. The paper can be folded, rolled and coiled to create decorative and playful designs. The arrangement possibilities are endless, but why not start out by trying this beautiful bee?

1. Lightly sketch out the outline of the bee and flowers on Papermania White 12 x 12'' Premium Cardstock. Cut strips in varying sizes of yellow and black paper from Papermania's A4 Coloured Paper Pack. Fold them in a concertina style and glue both edges to keep them held together. 

2. Working from the top of the bee, fix varying shades of the yellow folded strips down on the page using Craft Planet Clear PVA Glue to form the head outline and the stripes of the body, filling in the spaces with the black folded paper. To ensure a clean picture, use a small paint brush to apply the glue to the paper.

3. Form the legs using more black paper and a few white sections to act as highlights and adhere to the page. For the head details, quill two large round circles, with a hole in the middle for a white, quilled pupil highlight. Add two folded strips to form the antennae at the top of the head. 

4. Create the flower shapes by quilling blue and lilac toned papers using a quilling tool from Specialist Crafts Quilling Tools Pack and Qcraft Quilling Board. Keep the quilled paper rolls closed by fixing with PVA glue. Arrange them in floral patterns and fix to the cardstock. Add colour to the flower petals using Artiste Watercolour Brush & Marker Dual Tip Pens.

Project and how-to instructions by Jessica Janiak.

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