Panda neck pillow

Stand out at the airport with your very own bespoke panda neck pillow made from Craft Planet 9 x 12'' Acrylic Felt. Print out the pattern pieces from the template provided in paper, trim and place onto the correct coloured Craft Planet felt with pins and cut.

1. Cut the eyes, ears and feet from the template from Craft Planet 9 x 12'' Black Acrylic Felt and the cheeks from Craft Planet 9 x 12'' Pink Acrylic Felt.

2. Use the Xcut Heart Nesting Dies to create the inside of the panda’s eyes and nose.

3. Take the pillow piece from the template and cut twice on a fold of a large piece of white felt. Stitch the panda’s details onto the top layer of the pillow with a sewing machine. You could use an adhesive for this bit if you prefer.

4. Pop a pair of ears together and stitch around the curve, turn them inside out then sandwich the ears inside the pillow when stitching the two pillow pieces together. Allow a 1cm seam allowance and leave a 10cm gap open on one side.

5. Turn the sewn pillow piece inside out and push out all corners to ensure all curves are smooth. Use polyester filling to stuff the pillow to your required firmness. Use a needle and white thread to close the opening. 

Project and how-to instructions by Amy Surey.

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