Metallic sentiment card

This trendy number is a must! Metallics and a watercolour effect in one card? What could be better!? Simply use Papermania Fluid Metallic Brush Markers and a dab of water to get the desired look.

1. Select three contrasting colours you wish to work with from the Papermania Fluid Metallic Brush Marker pack: these will form your watercolour pattern. In this instance purple and blue against green worked nicely to create a stand-out effect, however any colours will work.

2. Take two out of three of your desired brush marker pens and add colour onto a Papermania clear stamp block or a sheet of acetate. Use both pens to draw an ink-style pattern, making sure you have a good mix of the two colours on the block. Add a splash of water using a paintbrush, and mix the colours ever so slightly. Once happy with the pattern created on the block, stamp it onto the centre of the card.

3. Clean the stamp block and take the third brush pen you have selected. Repeat the same process and stamp onto the remaining white space on the card. You may need to repaint the block a few times to get your desired look.

4. Once your watercolour look is complete, add a stamped sentiment or hand draw your own message onto the card.

Project and how-to instuctions by Ani Talwar. Originally featured in the May issue (82) of docrafts Creativity magazine.



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