Metallic gift box

If you have a super-cute present to give, combine it with a super-cute and stylish gift box. This design can be scaled up and down to fit the size of your gift.

1. Take a piece of vellum from the Papemania Capsule Elements Metallics A4 Ultimate Die-cut & Paper Pack and transfer the template.

2. Cut and score as directed on the template provided.

3. Using the Xcut Screw Hole Punch, punch holes at the top of the two flaps that do not have slots cut out of them. Bring the punched flaps together, ensuring you do not bend or fold the vellum.

4. Bring one of the slotted flaps into the centre and over the top of the punched flaps, repeat for the other flap.

5. Take a sentiment from the ultimate pack and add a hole at the top, thread some twine through to create a tag.

6. Thread the twine on your tag through the two holes on your flaps and tie a knot.

Project and how-to instructions by Louise Thompson.


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