Meet PDT member: Jackie Jasper

You’re bound to have noticed her clean and simple creations in Creativity magazine, on the blog or in the docrafts gallery… Jackie Jasper’s signature style caught our eyes and landed her a place on the Project Design Team earlier this year. We had a crafty catch-up to discover what her dream project is, how she started making for Creativity and what else you’d find her doing other than getting her hands mucky.

What motivated you to apply for the PDT this year?

It’s not a case of what but who… and that who is the lovely Mags Woodcock. I had been thinking about applying for a while, but was a little scared. Mags gave me the confidence to go for it, so I owe a massive thank you to her.

You’re the queen of clean and simple cards. Has this always been your signature style?

No, when I first started making cards my style seemed to be heading for vintage shabby chic, but as I learned more about cardmaking my style started to evolve. I hadn’t even realised that I had found a style until someone on the forum mentioned it. I have to say, I do love the CAS [clean and simple] look.

What would be your dream commission?

That’s a tough one… maybe a set of ATCs [artist trading cards], as I love making them at the moment. It’s really fun and challenging to create something so small.

Jackie's baby milestone cards from issue 70 of Creativity.

If you had to design a paper range, what would your theme be?

It would be amazing to design a paper range! It would have to be a seaside theme with beach huts, seagulls, lighthouses and bunting. Maybe pebble paper too and even sky with white clouds… I could go on, but you get the idea.

   Jackie's baby milestone cards from issue 70 of Creativity.

What’s on your crafty playlist?

I don’t always listen to music when I’m crafting, but when I do it is normally the radio as you get a bit of a selection. I like to listen to all sorts, from Nat King Cole to Coldplay, and I’m partial to a bit of the seventies too.

Tell us five interesting facts about yourself.

  1. I’ve been married to the loveliest man on the planet for 26 years.
  2. I have a gorgeous daughter and son that are ten years apart.
  3. I once managed to accidently beach a speedboat right up on the sand, witnessed by hordes of sunbathers. Luckily nobody was hurt.
  4. In the early 90s I had my head shaved like the singer Sinead O’Connor.
  5. It took me five attempts to pass my driving test and I have never driven since.

One of Jackie's PDT makes, using the beautiful Geometric Mocha papers.

How did you feel when your ice lolly cards made it to the cover of Creativity?

When I first saw the lollies on the front I thought “OMG”! I couldn’t believe it. Only eight months ago I wouldn’t have dreamt that I would have a make in the Creativity mag, let alone on the front cover. 

What was your first ever commission for Creativity?

My first ever commission was a tea and biscuit card that had a cute teabag bookmark that sat inside the teacup. It’s actually still one of my favourite mag makes.

Where do you find inspiration for your makes?

Anywhere and everywhere, from shop windows to wallpapers. I sometimes even see a person wearing a particular colour combo and think “oh I’ll use that”.

What’s your favourite thing to do… other than crafting?

Would you believe it’s fishing? I have only been fishing for a couple of years and don’t get to go as often as I would like, but it’s a great day out and even better when you catch a fish. Some would say that I am classed as a fair weather fisherman, as I do like to go when the sun is shining and have a bit of a sunbathe as well!

What’s your top docrafts collection?

Ooh another toughie. Let me think… I am going to have to say Papermania Geometric Neon. I love all the bright colours with the white – perfect for clean and simple designs.

   Jackie's Mr Smith's Workshop 'New home' card.

Are there any magazine projects that you would have loved to have made yourself?

Yes, absolutely loads. There are so many talented designers in the mag that it would be a very long list, but if I had to pick a top three it would be Julie Hole’s wonderful camera card, Katy Leitch’s brilliant paper cacti and my all-time favourite – Sharon Dobson’s fabulous pop up house card.

Who taught you what you know?

Well, I have the internet to thank for most of my teachings. When I first started papercrafting I stumbled across the very talented Kristina Werner on Youtube, watched all her videos and learnt so much. I then discovered Jennifer McGuire. I absolutely love her style and organisation tips, so I think I have these two ladies to thank for my learning curve.

What does crafting mean to you?

That’s easy! One word: everything. I am an absolute papercraft-aholic. If I’m not talking about it, I’m thinking about it. I even go to sleep at night dreaming up new designs. I’m obsessed… Do I care? Definitely not.

To keep up-to-date with Jackie’s latest craft projects, make sure to follow the docrafts gallery page as well as Jackie’s very own gallery. Keep an eye out in the latest issue of Creativity magazine for more projects by Jackie. Creativity is available from all good craft stores and supermarkets. Alternatively, buy a copy online or subscribe and get it delivered straight to your door! 

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