Meet PDT member: Geraldine Carruthers

16 Feb, 2017

We had a chat with Geraldine Carruthers, PDT member and docrafts demonstrator, all about her crafty journey. She offers her expert advice for getting into crafting, and how she keeps constantly inspired to create new things.

1. Have you always been a crafter, or was this something that developed over time?

My mum and her friends were always crafting around me (knitting and making toys), so I got to try different crafts growing up. In my teens, I lost interest [in crafting], but when I was on maternity leave I discovered cardmaking, which happened to be from a docrafts magazine.

2. What’s your favourite thing about being a docrafts demonstrator?

Meeting the lovely crafters that visit me while I'm demoing. Some of my ladies have been coming to see me since I started as a docrafts demonstrator six years ago, and I’m lucky to now consider them friends.

Geraldine's shaker card from the June issue (71) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

3. Which PDT project have you most enjoyed making this year?

My Mr Smith's tool bench card. I love making 3D cards and this was fun as I don’t get to make many male cards.

Geraldine's 3D work bench card. Find the full how-to here

4. Describe your crafting style in one word.

Messy! I’m terrible, I have mess all over the place… but I know where everything is!

5. Do you have a crafty playlist?

I’m not one for working with music. I like Red Hot Chilli Peppers or a bit of the Foo Fighters, but I tend have movies playing or catch up with my American TV shows.

6. Tell us five interesting facts about yourself.

1. I absolutely love pink!

2. My favorite animal is a flamingo (yes I know they are pink).

3. I didn’t learn to drive till I was 36.

4. I’m learning to play the cello (yes it's pink).

5. I make hand-stamped jewellery/wears.

7.  Do you have any top tips for beginner crafters?

Find a craft group with classes, or find your nearest docrafts demonstration. I made the mistake of buying everything, but found that I like to stamp, die cut and colour [the most].

8. How do you find inspiration?

I’m always inspired by the people around me. I work with some super-talented demonstrators and PDT members and I’m blessed to have many friends working with different companies in the craft industry; their work is amazing and inspiring.

Geraldine's pennant notelet from the June issue (71) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

9.  What do you get up to when you’re not making things?

I work as a nail consultant and I love to cook and go to the cinema. I’m a beginner gardener, and I also volunteer at a Youth Café for 10-14 year olds. I love spending time with my family.

10. If you were to open your own craft shop, where would it be and what would you call it?

I’ve actually already had my own craft shop, it was called Cullen Crafts and was based in the beautiful seaside town, Cullen. I ran it for eight years, but closed it a year ago so I could concentrate more on demonstrating, magazine commissions and setting up my Etsy store. If I had to do it again though it would be somewhere in America with sun!

Find Geraldine's Q & A in the community section of the March issue (80) of docrafts Creativity magazine. Don't forget to check out Geraldine's Gallery here.

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