Meet craft blogger Jenny Jacob

Say ‘Hello!’ to Jenny; a designer, baker, stylist and lover of all things sweet. Jenny’s blog Design and Unwind focuses on speedy makes for those on the go, featuring mouth-watering treats as well as on trend crafty creations. We had a little chat with her in the June magazine to find out where her passion for baking comes from. If you were left wanting more, look no further… 

1. What made you take the jump from running a photography and graphic design studio to concentrating on your blog?  

After 15 years of running a full-time studio, I felt it was time for a life change and to focus on one of my other passions that I had yet to explore. [This] lead to running my blog full time. I have never been happier and have not looked back. I have met some wonderful people along my new journey and have had the opportunity to collaborate and work with a variety of brilliant vendors. 

2. What craft products could you not live without? 

That is such a hard question as there are so many things I feel I could not live without, just ask my husband and look in my craft room! I would have to say my hot glue gun, acrylic paints and an endless supply of brushes would be just the beginning! 

3. Describe your craft space.

I actually have a few different workspaces. I have my office/craft room and prop room.  I have an area with a gallery wall where I sit and do most of my brainstorming and concept design. I keep all of my supplies in my craft space, as this is where I make and put together all my projects. I have three different printers and a wall of craft supplies and paints. 

4. Are there any crafts that you’ve not yet tried but are keen to?

There is a 3D printer I have been keen to try; does that count?! You can create anything… endless possibilities!

5. Do you have any advice for new bloggers trying to get their work seen?

The best advice I can give anyone is to stay true to yourself and create a brand you love, that others will gravitate to once they see your vision and love for what you do!

6. When you want to unwind, do you turn to baking or crafting (or both)?

I tend to turn to both, because what’s a good craft if you don’t have some baked goodies to go along with it? I also like to read and go to different art galleries to get inspired.

Pick up the June issue of Creativity for more from Jenny, as well as inspirational makes and tasty ideas! Available from the docrafts Shop and your local docrafts stockist now. 


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