Meet craft blogger Jeni Kling

If you’ve flicked through the News pages of July’s issue of Creativity, you’ll have spotted our interview with Jeni Kling from our blog of the month, Twine and Table. We had a quick natter to discuss picking names and starting a new project before you’ve finished the last…

1. What inspired the name Twine and Table?

I knew I wanted a name that would reflect not only the creative process, but also the act of sharing it with others. Twine is used creatively in and out of the kitchen, but it also ties things together - something my (sometimes scattered) style desperately needs. The act of sharing with others, allowing a community to join and collaborate in these creations is where ‘Table’ came in. It’s important to me that what I’m sharing comes across not as a set of rules to follow, but as an invitation to create together at one table.

2. You say you love the process of a project more than the finished result. Can you expand on this? 

I'm naturally curious and eager to attempt new things. If I see something I think I could make myself, I usually try. That being said, once I’ve tackled one project (and often before finishing) I’m ready to start the next… Having a blog, I want my readers to share in that same creative process. That motivates me to follow through with projects start to finish, challenging as it may sometimes be. 

3. What do you do with all your projects once you’ve made them?

Ask my family! Only slightly kidding. A lot of my projects begin with others in mind, an engraved wooden box for my nephew, handmade plantable paper for Mother's Day, wreaths and bath bombs for my sisters. Some of my projects I keep to use for parties or favors. There may be a time in the future when I’m selling my work, but for now friends and family receive most of my final projects. 

4. What are your favourite things to make?

My favorite things to make are those that start out simply. I love seeing what can become of paper and pencil with only my two hands. I really enjoy following the seasons with my projects as well, which leads to a lot of natural elements in my work.

5. Have you ever had any craft disasters?

Of course! I try to make the mistakes so that my readers can learn from them first. I’ve had plenty of projects that don’t make the cut at all, and some that just require adjustments. One that comes to mind is my first (maybe my second and third too) attempt at making marshmallow peeps. It was definitely a sticky disaster, even after calling over a friend for reinforcement. I ended up posting a different technique that I was confident with, so that I wouldn't have frustrated e-mails from my readers. I try to include my struggles with certain projects and offer different techniques so that others can decide which will work best for them. 

6. How would you describe your blog?

Right now, I see Twine and Table as the journal of a creative life, more than a guide. I hope anyone who visits Twine and Table feels an invitation to connect and collaborate, and is encouraged to engage in their own creative passions. 

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