Meet craft blogger Anna Birtwistle

Each month we pick a blog that we simply can’t get enough of, and interview the person behind it (definitely not just an excuse to have a crafty chat… promise!). This month we’re loving Made Up Style, a fashionable blog by textile designer and maker, Anna Birtwistle. We had a quick chat with her to find out more about her blog. 

By day you’re a textile designer, how do you find this influences your crafty makes?

It’s lovely being able to be creative every day. I work a lot with colour and pattern in my job and this is reflected in the projects I make at home too. I love working with beautiful colours combinations, especially when crocheting.

All your makes are beautifully styled and photographed, do you have any top tips for others?

I try to take photos near a window to give the image lots of natural light as well as shooting on a clean white table top. Light boxes are really useful for photographing in the winter months; I got an inexpensive one from ebay. When it comes to styling photos, I like to use everyday objects to add a little colour to my images such as flowers, plants or candles.

You recently went on a road trip in America, what was the crafting scene like there?

I didn’t do much crafting whilst I was out there but everything was so inspiring and I got plenty of ideas to take home with me. LA was full of amazing street art, typography and colourful buildings. San Francisco was probably the most creative; my hotel had a giant crocheted pineapple in the front lobby, which was amazing. 

Are there any crafts that you’ve not yet tried your hand at that you’re keen to?

I would love to work more with ceramics; creating and decorating your own bowl or plate looks really fun and rewarding. I would love to become better at brush lettering and calligraphy – I tried it once and loved the results, but it’s all about practice and a steady hand.

What three craft essentials could you not live without?

I couldn’t live without my old vintage scissors! They are not only great for snipping yarn but I use them a lot in photos as a cool prop. My glue gun is a lifesaver too, perfect when inspiration strikes and you just want to get crafty.

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