Meet craft blogger Amber Kemp-Gerstel

22 Nov, 2016

You may remember Amber and her blog, Damask Love, as our blog of the month back in September. The cool and colourful site is a hub for innovative projects and eye-catching ideas. Sit down as we enjoy a crafty chat with the savvy blogger to find out more.

1. First things first: what made you start up Damask Love in the first place?

Cardmaking was my first love in the world of the crafting and I started Damask Love as a place to share my handmade cards. It was purely a hobby! I had no intentions of blogging as a job or making any money from it.

2. You used to work as a child psychologist. What made you take the jump from this to concentrating on blogging?

For four years, I worked as a full-time psychologist and a blogger. It was tough! I would work all day and then come home and craft all night for the blog. During that time, Damask Love grew and grew and gained in popularity, and I began earning money as a blogger. Once I became a mum in 2014, my time was even more divided and it was nearly impossible to get everything done. I made the decision to leave my job as a psychologist and pursue my passion for creativity and crafting! Since December 2015, I’ve worked as a full-time influencer, blogger, craft expert and TV personality. Now, I have the time to grow my business and be the best mum and wife I can be.

3. Do you have a particular craft that you prefer or will you just give anything a go?

I’m an equal opportunity crafter! I’ll try anything once. I’ve done itty-bitty projects like a leather key chain and big projects like a hand-painted dining table. As long as it’s bright and colourful, I’ll give it a go.

4. How would you describe Damask Love to someone who’s not seen it before?

Damask Love is all about doable DIY and convincing everyone to try their hand at crafting. I want my readers to tap into their creative side. I love using bright colours and clever tricks in each of my projects. For example, I once used a throw pillow to make a tote bag. Super easy, super doable!

5. What inspired the name?

When I started my blog, I didn’t put much thought into the name. Honestly, I didn’t plan on having my blog turn into a business… It was a hobby. When I named the blog, it was at a time that I really loved damask patterned fabric, so ‘Damask Love’ was an easy title to come up with.

6. How do you keep coming up with ideas for makes? Do you ever find yourself in a dry spell?

My mind is always spinning and coming up with new ideas! From time to time, I have days when I can’t come up with a new idea. During those times, I will flick through a magazine or scroll through Pinterest to see if there are any projects that spark another idea in my head. I also will scroll through my own website and see if there are old projects that I can reinvent into a new, improved project.

7. What’s your craft space like?

I’ve had many craft spaces over the years. I started by working at a small desk in the corner of my studio apartment. Once I got engaged and moved in with my then fiancé, I had an entire bedroom dedicated to my crafting. Now, that I’ve grown Damask Love into a business, I have a separate office and studio that I work from each day. It’s a 700 square ft. and I’m still in the process of decorating and turning it into my dream craft space. The first thing on my must-have list… flamingo wallpaper for the entryway!

8. What’s on your crafty playlist?

I go through different play lists in the studio. It just depends on my mood. Some days I will listen to Justin Bieber… Other days, Celine Dion. Drake is another favourite. Just the other day, I was jamming to some rap music from one of my favourite rappers from my hometown of Oakland, California.


Check out Amber's blog, and make sure to read the original interview in the September issue (74) of docrafts Creativity magazine.


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