Jungle box

Let little imaginations run wild with this exotic box of jungle dwellers. Each puppet features holes to bring these cute animals to life with just a dance of your fingers. Simply download the templates at docrafts.com and go! 


Transfer the Macaw's main body from the template onto blue cardstock and fussy cut. Using yellow cardstock, cut out his belly and adhere to the main body. Punch two finger holes with an Xcut Medium Circle Palm Punch. Next, cut out the beak and punch a tiny hole at the top with the Xcut Screw Hole Punch. Place onto the body. Punch a medium circle from yellow cardstock, attach a Craft Planet Wiggle Eye and fix to the head. Trim two blue Craft Planet Turkey Flat Feathers and attach to the body with PVA, add a few smaller feathers for the head plumes. 


Cut two white zebra shapes from the template and mat them together. Use grey cardstock to cut out the nose, punch holes for the nostrils and fix in place. Attach a handful of fussy-cut zebra stripes to the head and body, then punch four finger holes at the bottom. Create a tail shape with white cardstock and add some black stripes. Fix a small piece of Craft Planet Black Threading Cord to the end using a Stick it! 3D Foam Dot. Repeat for the mane, then attach two wiggle eyes. Finish by fussy cutting two black inner earpieces, and adhere to the zebra's head. 


Use the Elephant template to cut out two body shapes from grey cardstock, fix them together to create a sturdy base. Die cut a finger hole in the centre of the elephant's head using a small Xcut Circle Nesting Die. Cut out two inner ear shapes from light pink cardstock, and place one on each ear with Anita's Tacky Glue. Next, fussy cut six cream toenails and adhere to the bottom of each leg. Trim a white tuft of hair and pop onto the top of the head with a 3D foam dot. To finish, attach two Craft Planet Wiggle Eyes above the finger hole and draw a cheerful smile using a black pen. 


For the arms, create a circle frame using the 5cm and 4cm Xcut Circle Nesting Die. Lay one circle die inside the other and die cut into brown cardstock, then cut in half. Punch two medium circles for ears. Using the template, cut out two main body pieces and sandwich the arms and ears in between them, then punch the finger holes at the bottom. Next, fussy cut two small oval shapes in cream cardstock and fix a wiggle eye to each. Cut out the two mouthpieces - the larger in brown and the smaller in cream - and adhere together. Add the eyes and mouth to the monkey’s body. Use cream cardstock for the hands, and fussy cut a tuft of hair to attach to the head with a 3D foam dot. Draw a smile to finish. 

Leafy box 

This sturdy botanical box is perfect for keeping jungle puppets safe and sound. Its fun design means it will be the pride of place on your mini Tarzan or Jane's toy shelf! 

1. Select the largest box from the Papermania Bare Basics Nesting Box collection and apply a couple of coats of Artiste Storm Cloud Acrylic Paint, allowing drying time in between. Be sure to paint around the inside rim of the lid and approximately 1cm around the edge of the underside of the box. 

2. Draw a leaf pattern all over the box and lid using the leaf templates from docrafts.com. Ensure the pattern matches up once the lid is on by drawing onto the base first, and then the lid. 

3. Paint the leaves using Artiste Acrylic Paints in Christmas Green and Spring Green. Again, apply two coats and allow drying time between applications. Mix the paints together to create a mid-green shade, and use to paint on stems for each leaf. 

4. Cut a dark green cardstock panel to fit the underside of the box base, and attach with Anita’s Tacky Glue. Trim another green panel to fit the inside of the lid. Line the inside of the box with more green cardstock, making sure to measure and cut each of the panels accordingly. Once happy, fix in place. 

5. Using the Xcut Wedding Alphabet & Numbers Die Set, die cut the words 'Adventure awaits' first into Craft Planet Brown Funky Foam, then again into Xcut Xtras' Adhesive Wood Effect Sheet. Carefully adhere the two together to create 3D letters. 

6. Arrange the wood effect letters on the box lid, making sure they are aligned to the centre. Carefully pop each letter in place, ensuring they’re nice and straight – put a ruler underneath to help keep a straight line. 

7. Use the leaf templates to create leaves from dark and light green cardstock, painting the stems as before, for inside the box.

Project and how-to instructions by Jackie Jasper.

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