Illustrated dinosaur notelet

Pick up your pens and have a go at drawing your very own dinosaur! This quirky illustration is the perfect addition to a notelet or invitation, or why not even frame and hang it on the wall!? Our range of Artiste watercolour pens will make the cool little creature pop in seconds.

1. Pick your favourite dinosaur to work with and a base colour from the Artiste Watercolour Dual Tip Pens & Caddy Brush & Fine set. This illustration uses Sky Blue to outline the key shapes, shadows, muscles and quirks of the Diplodocus dinosaur. 

2. Use a darker tone of your chosen base colour to build up the shadows and darker patches. Think about where the source of light is coming from, and use this colour a bit more sparingly.

3. Choose a light colour from the pack to highlight spots where the light would be shining most brightly on the Diplodocus' body. 

4. Select two complementary colours for your base tones to add in a few details, such as a pattern on the dinosaur's skin or feathery/spiky details. This illustration uses Violet and Mid Violet.

5. Outline with a Faber-Castell Black Pitt Pen, making sure to emphasise the details you've worked in with your assorted colours. 

Project and how-to by Ashley Stanley-Oakes. Originally featured in the August issue (85) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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