Handmade wedding invitation

We love a wedding and there is nothing more exciting than receiving a beautiful invitation. If you’re planning your big day, then why not make your own? Ask your nearest and dearest to your nuptials with these elegant, handmade invites. 

1. Take a floral sheet of paper from Papermania Freshly Cut Flowers Ultimate Die-Cut and Paper Pack and trace around a Papermania Recycled Kraft Envelope. Cut 0.5cm in from where you have traced and adhere to the inside of the envelope using the Stick it! Glue Stick. 

2. Cut a piece of Papermania A4 Krafstax to A5. Using a ruler and pencil, working from the bottom of the page, measure and draw lines at 1cm and 2cm. 

3. From the 2cm line, measure up and draw lines at a further 6mm, then 12mm up from there, 6mm, 12mm, 6mm, 6mm, then a final 6mm. These will form the spaces for your text. 

4. Measure 6mm and 12mm down from the top of the page, to create space for the 'Together with their parents' text.

5. With the brush pen from Faber-Castell Black PITT Artist Pen Wallet, draw the names you wish to use in the large gap at the top, leaving space on the right-hand side for the floral pattern. Trim a sheet of vellum from the ultimate pack into a small piece that fits next to the names and using a pencil rub all over the wrong side of it. Taking the pencil, pressing fairly hard, trace over the floral design on the correct side, transferring it onto the kraftstax. This should leave an outline. Once you have traced the design, draw over it using the F 0.5mm PITT artist pen. 

6. Write in the event information in the 6mm lines you drew, with the S 0.3mm PITT artist pen.

7. Finish off by sticking a 1cm strip of floral paper to the bottom, on the 1cm mark you made and rubbing out the pencil lines. 

Project and how-to instructions by Carrie Sorrell.

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