Fruit cocktail poster

Create fruitful artwork for your home using the Artiste Dual Tip Illustration Markers. The pens come six shades, with six pens in each pack, the brush tip is great for blending and adding fine details and the chiselled tip is perfect for sharp lines and colouring large areas. 

1. Draw the outlines of your chosen fruit shapes in the appropriate colours. We used bright and summery shades so that the artwork really pops when placed on the wall. The primary, floral and bright pen packs are great for this.

2. Once happy with the layout and shapes of your fruit, start shading them in. Different tones can be built up by letting the ink dry and layering up more colour. The Artiste pens blend well and have a lovely soft look, especially the paler colours. For some of the fruits, use two colours, first the lighter and then one slightly darker. Sketch heavier on one side and lighter on the other so the white of the paper shows through.When dry, begin to add small details to the fruit with darker pens such as dots, lines, leaves and stalks. Go back over the leaves with a darker green for more dimension. The pens are smooth and inky which makes it easy to create loose fluid lines.

3. Add the names of each piece of fruit using contrasting colours. Sketch the lettering around the outside of each fruit in a light pencil then go over it in colour, try varying styles and adding pressure to create different thicknesses. 

4. Fill the white space with leaves, small brush strokes and pieces of text. The fine tip of a Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Brush Pen thin black brush pen is perfect for small lettering. 

Project and how-to instructions by Rachel Sullivan.

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