Festive window display

There’s nothing more charming than a winter window piled with snow. Create your own window display with white Marabu Porcelain & Glas Pens, illustrating straight from your imagination to make the card your own. 

1. Mark a horizontal pencil line 1.8cm up from the bottom of a white A5 card blank. Continue making lines every 1.2cm until you reach the top. Draw a 9 x 15cm rectangle in the centre, 2.5cm from the top and bottom, and 2.7cm from the sides. Cut out neatly with a craft knife and a metal ruler. 

2. Use the large Xcut square palm punch to cut a collection of squares from various shades of grey cardstock to form wall tiles around the whole window. Place out roughly to get an even mixture of hues. Curl each tile over a round pencil to lift up the edges a little. Stroke the top edge across the top of a glue stick and fix to the card front, starting with the bottom row. Use the pencil lines as a guide for placement, and continue working upwards, snipping tiles in half where needed until the whole card is covered. 

3. Cut an 11 x 17.2cm rectangle from dark red cardstock. Mark out a 1cm frame around
the edge and a 0.6cm cross in the centre, on
the reverse of the rectangle. Neatly cut out the apertures with a craft knife and metal ruler. Now it’s time to get creative with your Marabu pens! Draw your own designs or use stamps as a stencil. 

4. Position a sheet of clear acetate over a printed acetate stamp sheet, with the stamp designs facing the right way. Trace over the markings with a Marabu Porcelain & Glas Pen; we used the 0.8mm, 1 - 2.5mm and 2 - 4mm tips to doodle our designs. Allow to dry completely. Apply tacky glue to the reverse of the red frame and carefully place in position over the doodles. Once dry, snip any excess acetate from around the edges. Add a little tacky glue around the aperture on the card front and apply the window on top.

5. Craft some decorative foliage at the base of the window, using the coral die from the oceanic die set. Cut seven times from both dark green cardstock and vellum, and glue together to form an even spray of sprigs. Use the screw hole punch to cut some small berries from the red cardstock offcuts, and add to the greenery with a pair of tweezers. Fix some red gems for even more Christmas sparkle, and finish with a silver bow. 

Project and how-to instructions by Sue Smith. Project originally published in issue 86 of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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