Doggy stocking

Your four-legged friend will be jumping for joy when he sees this custom doggy stocking filled with Santa's goodies.

1. Trim two pieces of unbleached calico to measure 40 x 22cm. Put one aside, and craft a stamp to make a repeat print on the other. To do so, cut the Xcut Dachshund Dog Dinky Die twice from Craft Planet Funky Foam, running through your Xcut Xpress machine to cut. Adhere one on top of the other using double-sided tape or a strong glue (wait for this to dry before you continue). The die may make an indent around the edge of the foam on one side, so ensure that the top die-cut has the side that is completely flat. Adhere this to a clear acrylic stamp block.

2. Coat the stamp with a light layer of Marabu Ruby Red Textil paint, using a small paintbrush. Make sure that there is no excess paint around the edges of the dog’s legs and the paint is covering the foam evenly. Firmly stamp directly onto the top left-hand corner of the fabric, moving the stamp around to ensure that even pressure has been applied to all of the dog. Remove to leave a neat, crisp imprint. Continue across the top of the fabric, leaving a gap that’s the width of approximately two dogs. Work your way down the fabric once the first row is complete, stamping underneath the gaps that you left in your first row.

3. Once the red pattern is dry, repeat the process with Grey Marabu Textil paint, stamping in the gaps that you made previously. You could change these colours to suit your style of Christmas décor.

4. Once dry, draw a large bone shape on the reverse of the printed sheet, filling up most of the space. Cut out with a sharp pair of fabric scissors and lay on top of your plain piece of calico. Carefully cut this out to the same shape. Pin together, right-sides together, leaving the top of the bone open. Machine stitch around the pinned edges and snip tiny triangles into all the curved areas, up to the stitch line. Cut into the corners, and turn the right way out.

5. Trim the top of the bone off the back piece to make a straight line, 1cm up from where the seams end. Fold this over and stitch into place. Snip into the top curves of the front edge, every 1cm, fold over and neatly stitch into place. Trim two pieces of Papermania Bare Basics Jute Trim to fit the top of the stocking, and glue gun into position (this also helps to hide any potentially messy edges!). Cut a second piece and fold into a loop. Glue inside the stocking to hang. Trim a bow from bright red felt, fold into position and glue to secure. Stick on the front of the stocking to finish.

Project and how-to instructions by Lorna Slessor. Project originally published in issue 88 of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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