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Usually, an issue with the discs is that an error message may have been received, this is a common generic message created by your system (not docrafts Digital Designer) in response to problems installing programs/files/software. Unfortunately, the error message is misleading, there is no damaged/corrupted file and there is no file we can send you as a replacement. We cannot control or prevent this message occurring, as we are not able to make changes to running systems (eg. Microsoft) as they are not our own programs.

To clarify, a fault is a permanent (sometimes referred to as fatal) defect only present within the software or disc itself. An error is different to a fault in that it occurs during a process (such as installation), usually temporarily and an error can be rectified either by trying the process again without any changes or by correcting settings and then trying again. Errors can be caused by anything, usually a setting on your PC or simply an interruption during the process.

Please make sure that you are not using the internet engine called 'Google Chrome' as we are aware of an issue with this internet engine and our Digital Designer Software. Due to this issue, some of the updates and disc installations will not complete successfully.

In the vast majority of cases, installing/updating is a quick and smooth operation. Unfortunately, no two computers are exactly alike, however, we initially suggest removing the program, then installing the updated software directly from our website. Once it has installed, try re-importing the discs. This can often rectify any issues, which affect the functionality of the software and does not affect any projects you have saved.

Fix 1

If you presented with this error during installation...

... set your PC/Mac system clock date before 30 October 2017 and then try to install again via

How to change the date on a PC

Click on the date/time on the system toolbar.

How to change the date on a Mac

Choose Apple menu > System Preferences then click Date & Time

NOTE: Ensure that the system clock date is put back to today’s date AFTER the software has been installed.

Fix 2 

If you are not using Google Chrome, Fix 1 has not worked and you are still having issues, please carefully follow the information below. 

In order to get you up and running please can we ask that you carefully read through the instructions, then reinstall? You can also find a helpful troubleshooting guide available online at

1. Ensure you have sufficient privileges to install software/make changes on your computer. On Windows Vista and Windows 7 and Windows 8, this may require running the Digital Designer in Administrator Mode. Right-click the Digital Designer icon and select 'Run as Administrator'. If you receive an error message during disc import this could mean you do not have sufficient privileges or that you have run out of disc space.

2. Uninstall:

Remove the image libraries, if applicable: Open the 'My Library' panel, click on the disc image, and then click the Bin icon in the bottom right. Allow this process to finish.

Uninstall Adobe Air and the Digital Designer software and check your system drive (usually on your C drive) for any other content linked to the program & disks and remove this too.

If you uninstall/reinstall software; the disk content may not be automatically uninstalled if it is stored in a different location from the software drivers. The correct way to uninstall the programs is from your PC control panel by selecting the Digital Designer and Adobe programs in the 'uninstall a program' list.

3. Update everything:

Download the latest version of Adobe Air, Reader and Flash player for free from the following site: Also, check that your computer’s running system is fully updated (eg. do you have all the latest service packs & security updates & new downloads from Microsoft?) 

4. Download the latest version of the docrafts Digital Designer from our website

a) Make sure you have closed the docrafts Digital Designer program before updating

b) Click the link on the homepage to install the latest version 

c) Log in or register

d) Click 'Install Now'

e) Select 'Save' and file location on your PC.  

f) Now open the 'Digital Designer.air' installer file from your chosen save location and follow the prompts. Please note, you do need to click 'Replace' if prompted (this will replace the existing docrafts® Digital Designer version of the program and does not affect any projects you have saved. You may also be required to agree to licence agreements again.

5. Import the discs, open the docrafts Digital Designer program and insert the disc into your CD/DVD drive. If a Microsoft Windows 'AutoPlay' or 'AutoRun' prompter appears just close it or click 'Cancel'. You should be prompted (with a screen in the Digital Designer program) to import the disk (Add to my library). If this window does not appear automatically click the add icon on the Library page of the Digital Designer (see below). Allow the import process to finish uninterrupted before doing anything else on your PC. You will then be prompted to insert other discs, if you have others you want to add continue as above (steps b-e), If you do not want to import any other discs just click OK. No further action is required. 

We appreciate your patience in this matter and hope you can get back to creating great projects using your docrafts Digital Designer disk set quickly! In the unlikely case that you complete the reinstall procedure in full and still receive the message, please let us know by emailing, we will be happy to try to provide more help.

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