Diamond piñata

Make it the feature of the party! With its glamourous foiling, its sure to be the one that’s talked about. 

1. Transfer the template available from docrafts.com onto cardboard, you will need one hexagon, six triangles and six trapezoids. Cut the pieces with a metal ruler and craft knife. To assemble, attach a trapezoid to each side of the hexagon with masking tape, and then fix the triangles to the trapezoids. 

2. Use the Xcut Screw Hole Punch to make two holes, one on a trapezoid, the edge nearest to the hexagon, and then do the same on the trapezoid opposite. Cut a long length of Papermania Bare Basics Natural Jute and thread it through the holes.

3. Hold the base by the jute and begin to connect the sides to create a diamond. Apply enough tape to make it sturdy but don’t use too much otherwise it will be indestructible. Remember to fill your piñata with sweets before it is fully closed!

4. Select five papers from the Papermania Modern Deco 12 x 12'' Paper Pad and cut into 2.5cm strips. Trim 1cm slits into each strip, you could clip a few strips together to save time. Apply double-sided tape to each strip, and fix to the diamond, working your way from the bottom up. Cut another hexagon from the template and pop on top of the piñata.

Project and how-to instructions by Camila Bertolini.

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