Craft with soft pastels

23 Nov, 2017

If watercolours are right up your street, perhaps pastels are the next step... Faber-Castell Creative Studio Soft Pastels provide you with 48 shades to really get to grips with. Combine with fabulous Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens and you’ve got the ingredients for an incredible illustration. A Mixed Media A3 Pad and Marabu Colourless Spray Varnish Fixative are the ideal start and finish for a project like this, while Colour Shapers and a Faber-Castell Paper Wiper provide the perfect helping hand! 

With summer in full force and gorgeous gardens blooming, why not encapsulate the moment in a fresh, floral masterpiece? This delicate imagery combines bright colours with intricate lines and interesting textures, enabling you to put your own spin on the piece. Let’s have a go!

1. Sketch your design lightly with a Faber-Castell pencil, until you’re happy. Use a  variety of pens from the Black Wallet of Pitt Artist Pens for the outer edges and detailing.

2. Lightly colour some areas of the illustration, adding more pressure to the pastels for others. This gives a variety of tone to the piece and helps to build depth.

3. Use the Paper Wiper to blend lighter areas of the drawing, and various brushes in the Colour Shapers Pastel Blending Sets in sizes 6 and 2 for denser areas.

4. Add some water to create a watercolour effect in places. Use the blending tools as brushes, picking up the pigment from wet areas to create new marks.

5. Add in the finest details with the Pitt Pens, going over some of the existing lines. Draw over the pastels to add texture.

6. Once the piece is complete, spray a Marabu fixative over the illustration. This will help to prevent smudges.

Project and how-to instructions by Rachael Dinnage. Project originally published in issue 85 of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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