Cosy Christmas socks

The tell-tale signs of winter are definitely showing, so with the dark nights and cold mornings looming, why not make your own winter warmers? Perfect for nights in by the fireside. 

1. Lay socks flat on a covered surface so that the heels are facing the back and measure 8cm down from the top of the sock. At this measurement, place a strip of masking tape around the sock. 

2. Place another strip of masking tape directly underneath this. This will be the measurement of the distance between stripes. Continue to piece the masking tape strips underneath each other until you reach the bridge of the foot. Once done, remove alternating pieces of masking tape.  

3. In the gaps, paint in the stripes using Marabu Ruby Red Textil Paint and leave to dry. 

4. Using Craft Planet Dark Brown Funky Felt, rough cut four antler shapes and four ears. Sew the antlers onto the top and the ears onto the side of the socks. Select two red pompoms from the Craft Planet Neon Assorted Colours Pompom pack and sew onto the socks for the noses. Affix two eyes on each sock from the Craft Planet Round Wiggle Eyes. 

5. With a fine paintbrush and Marabu Glitter Gold Textil Paint, add details to the socks, such as a mouth or eyelashes, and features on the ears and antlers. 

Project and how-to instructions by Nathalie Moore.

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