Colourful cactus


Want to grow a colourful cactus? Here’s a crafty way to sprout one using garden stones. No green fingers required! 

1. Take a small vase and paint it with a flat brush using the Artiste Aquaglass Snow White Acrylic Glass Paint. 

2. Paint two small stones with Artiste Christmas Green Acrylic Paint.

3. Once the stones are dry, use the white paint to add some dots and crosses.

4. Glue a piece of Create Christmas Teal Pom Pom Trim to the vase with Anita’s Tacky Glue and three Create Christmas Mini Pom Poms onto the bigger stone.

5. Cut a piece of sponge and place it on the bottom of the vase in order to create a higher base. Glue the stones over the sponge.

6. Fill the empty space in the vase with small pieces of bark.

Project photography and how-to instructions by Project Design Team member Veronica Grosselli






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