Charcoal zebra drawing

Produce a striking portrait of a valiant zebra using the Faber-Castell PITT Monochrome Metal Tin Charcoal Set. There are four types of charcoal in the kit, each can each be used to create different textures and depths. The harder, compressed charcoal pencils and sticks create thick, black marks and are great for outlining and filling in deep bold sections of the face. The raw reed charcoal is brilliant for smudging and lightly blending tone and shade into the artwork. 

1. Draw an outline of a zebra onto A3 paper using a pencil. Once happy, go over it with the charcoal pencil from the Faber-Castell PITT Monochrome Metal Tin Charcoal Set, taking care not to press too firmly. 

2. Using the pencil, draw the zebra’s features, such as the eyes, mane, nose and stripes. Take the compressed charcoal stick and darken the stripes and mane. Use the blending tool from the set to neaten any smudges or rough edges. 

3. Create shading on the zebra's facial features with the reed charcoal. Press harder around the edges of the nose, then softer towards the nostrils.

4. With a blending tool or your finger, smudge the charcoal to lighten the areas where natural light would hit the zebra’s face. Use the same technique around the edge of the jawline for depth, you can also try this in parts of mane to make it appear thicker.

5. Add flashes of blue with a Faber-Castell Creative Studio Box Of 24 Half-Stick Soft Pastels to the dark shadow sections of the head, mane and across the nose, then smudge using your fingers. If press too firmly and want to soften the colour use the rubber from the set to remove pigment.

6. Once happy, fix with Winsor & Newton Artists Fixative Spray 150ml to ensure that the charcoal doesn’t smudge.

Project and how-to instructions by Amelia Durie.

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