Card storage box

If you have accumulated quite a few handmade cards, then we have the perfect solution to help you treasure them forever. Store your fabulous creations in this neat card box; you’ll be able to find what you are looking for in seconds.

1. Start with an old cardboard box: a shoe box is ideal. Snip a section out of one end, you can decide on the shape and depth.

2. Cover the inside of your box with Papermania Kraftstax and the outside with paper from the Papermania Capsule Elements Wood 12 x 12'' Paper Pack. Overhang the top edge by 1'' to ensure a neat finish.

3. To decorate the outside of the box, cut five 3 x 5cm pieces of complementary coloured cardstock and round off the corners using the Xcut 5mm Corner Punch. Die cut ‘Cards’ in black cardstock, using the Xcut Wedding Alphabet and Numbers Die Set. Fix one letter to each card and stick to the side of the box. 

4. Measure the height and width of your box and cut five large coloured cardstock panels, ensuring that the height is cut 2cm longer than the box itself. Round off the corners with a Xcut 10mm Corner Punch. 

5. Cut the labels for your panels to 1 x 6cm and stamp whichever card categories you choose.

Project, photography and how-to instructions by Project Design Team member Jackie Jasper.

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