Acrylic palm leaves

Bring the tropical heat home with these luscious green leaves with blue tones, that look fab painted in acrylic against a black background. 

1. Cut two panels of Papermania A4 Textured Premium Cardstock black measuring 7 x 7''. With the white from the Faber-Castell 12 Pitt Pastel Pencils draw a mix of spiky palms and big flat shaped tropical leaves coming in from the edges into the centre.

2. Once you are happy with the composition, add a thick base of colour to the leaves using dark shades of greens and blues from the Faber-Castell Creative Studio Acrylic Paint. Leave to dry.

3. Paint texture and tone onto the leaves using bright contrasting colours such as cobalt blue and yellow with a thin paintbrush. Try mixing colours whilst they are still wet or wait until the colours are dry and add another layer for a solid effect.

4. Create a mix of small dashes and geometric shapes sporadically around the leaves using either a white chalk pencil or white acrylic.

Project and how-to instructions by Claire Sewell.

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