Acrylic notelet trio

Inject a taste of summer into your cardmaking with the Faber-Castell Acrylic Paint Starter Set. The funky Flamingo, pretty Pineapple and cool Cactus are superb pieces of art that ensure a glamorous and trendy edge. Sketch your design in the centre of the card blank and mix paint into the artwork. Don’t be afraid to add colour at any time, it’s easy to blend and you could even add a little water. Pop a cool message on top!


Mix brown and white together and shade around the outside of the pot. Create a lighter brown for the centre and add white highlights. Paint the leaves of the cactus in a pastel green, blending with a dark green to accentuate the leaves. Add pastel pink and white to create texture.


Once happy with the shape of your pineapple, sketch curved diagonal lines inside the base, coming from the left and the right. Add circles within the diamond shapes created. Paint the lines in a dark green, fill in with yellow and highlight with pale pink and white acrylic.

Paint a faint black V-shape in-between your diamonds to make it pop. To paint the leaves of the pineapple, repeat the same process for the cactus leaves.


Fill your sketch with pale pink acrylic, leave the beak and eye blank for now. Outline the flamingo with a slightly darker pink. To create the feathers on the body, blend a pale yellow and white together. Add a light mauve around the tail of the feathers and down the legs, mixing as you go. Mix with white if necessary. Paint the point of the flamingos beak and eye with black paint, ensuring the top half of the beak is left white. Use a dark burgundy to fill the bottom of the flamingos legs and feet.

Project and how-to instructions by Fleur Nichols.

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